3 Love Tarot Spread

Understand your Relationship, Try These 3 Love Tarot Spread

“You are the Secret. Let Tarot Explore you.”

Love is one of the greatest mysteries of life that every human being wants to experience, and because of its lusive nature, it is one of the most talked about topic.

Over time, many people have taken help of yes or no tarot spread, to get answers related to their love life, for themselves, their partners and their overall ties.

Use Relationship Tarot spread to Check your Relationship

The article below will talk about various possibilities and different perspective of the love relationship you are destined to experience in your lifetime. In addition to your romantic alliances, we will also be focusing on general relationships as well.

Keep reading further to find out more about these complex relationships and see how Tarot spreads can help you along your journey through life.

3 Cards Love and Relationship Tarot Spread

This is the least complex one of all Tarot spreads and is widely used to know the partner dynamics between two human beings. It is used to gain valuable insight about you, your partner and your relationship dynamics in general.

To use this spread, shuffle your cards first and then start placing them one after the other. Place the leftmost card first, followed by the rightmost card and in the last place the middle card.

The significant aspects of this relationship spread are:

You – What is your role in this loving partnership? How would you see yourself, and how does that influence your relationship with your companion?

Sweetheart/Partner – What is their role in the alliance? How would you see your soulmate? And how does that influence the association?

Elements – How do you portray this relationship? What are its superior qualities and characteristics?

5 Card Cross Relationship Spread

Before we see how this tarot spread relationship works, let’s first look at the 5 cards.

  • Your role
  • Your partner’s position.
  • Past foundation.
  • Present condition
  • Future aspects.

Moreover, this spread is almost similar to the 3 cards spread love but provides a more detailed overview of your love life. It discusses essential aspects including how your relationship has evolved over the years, what is in place for you shortly along with its current conditions

  • Your role- The first card tells about your role in the relationship.
  • Your partner’s role- The second cards describe your partner’s role in the relationship.
  • Past foundation: This one throws some light on the past foundation of your relationship and how did it evolve over the years.
  • Present status: The 4th card represents the current state of your relationship and its dynamics.
  • Future aspects: Lastly, the 5th cards give valuable information about the future of your love companionship and where is your alliance heading towards in the near future.

Compatibility Love Tarot spread

The integral aspects of this marriage tarot spread include:

  • Your Wants
  • Your partners’ wants
  • Similarities
  • Differences
  • Emotional compatibility
  • Mental compatibility and
  • Physical compatibility.

This one is the most detailed of all the love tarot spreads and majorly focuses on the compatibility between two people. It also analyses the relationship along with its various aspects, which might enhance the dynamics as well.

  • Your needs – What are you searching for in a relationship? What does a fruitful relationship mean to you?
  • Your partners’ need – What does your accomplice need in a relationship? What are you supposed to do if you want to make this relationship successful?
  • Notable differences.- What are the significant differences between you and your partners, along with all possible points of disagreement?  
  • Likenesses – What are the notable similarities between you and your partner? What unites you?
  • Emotional Compatibility – How emotionally compatible you are with your partner.
  • Physical Compatibility – How physically compatible you are with your soulmate.
  • Mental Compatibility – Are you mentally compatible with your partner and what are the primary trigger points that enhance your compatibility quotient.

Trying to mend your love life? Looking to strengthen the bond between you and your partner? Then the love relationship tarot spread will give you all the answers. Use all or even one of the Love Tarot Spreads mentioned above to know more about you, your partner, your love life and the relationship you two share.

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