zodiac sign with physical touch

Top 4 Zodiac Signs that Have their Love Language as Physical Touch

“I love you” – how often we use it to express our feelings to someone we love. Love never need words, it can be expressed in a billion ways. You can express it by sharing the work, planning a surprise, or simply by spending some quality time.

What is your expression of love? Do you love expressing it with touch than words? For you, is a kiss a better way to express than a love letter?

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If yes, then you are most probably a person of senses. You believe in the most primary form of love, i.e. Physical touch. But is your zodiac among the one whose language is physical touch. Let’s find out.

  1. Taurus

The Earth sign of Taurus makes them the most sensuous people among all zodiacs. They know how to make their partner happy with gentle kisses and a tight hug. They love to communicate their feelings and emotions through physical touch and expects the same from their lovers.  For them, love grows and becomes stronger with each touch.

  1. Scorpio

Scorpios are highly intimate people. They want to make their presence felt by their partners and find it more comfortable than any other expression. They are intense lovers but don’t fall quickly in love. For Scorpios passion is another way to feel the love. Physical touch is the way through which they connect to their partners and respond to their love. Light touch and holding hands are a sneak they prefer to win a partner’s heart.

  1. Aries

Aries with the sign of Fire is full of fiery passion and romantic desires. They find happiness in showing their love by holding hands and blowing kisses. Whispering in ears, complimenting their partner with a soft touch and playing with hair are their ways to show how much they love you and desire your presence in their lives.

Aries are clueless lovers when it comes to conveying their exact feelings through words in a relationship. They find the language of physical touch more meaningful when it comes to expressing love.

  1. Sagittarius

Sagittarians are romantic idealists who enjoy the excitement of being in love. They are great in expressing their love for their partners physically as well as verbally. They love everything about their partners and express it by spontaneous and wild physical touch.  

The straightforward, open-minded and bold nature compels the Sagittarian to make the first move in love. They find physical language much better to develop a strong connection. Closeness is a way for them to connect to their soulmate.

Now, you know how zodiac signs hold the secrets of the romance. A right expression can add elicit contentment and joy in the heart of your beloved. So, embrace what conveys your love the most! To know how your love life is going to be today with your Horoscope and Astrology.

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