Know the Mind of a Person

How Well Do you Know a Person’s Mind – Can Astrology Help?

Astrology is one of the methods that has been in practice for ages. Only the ways with which it was used have changed. Earlier, people used to tell a lot just by examining the position of celestial bodies in the night sky. These days, it can be done with the help of a natal chart which again can either be on a paper piece or in a computer. In fact, free horoscope predictions are widely available online.

It is an ancient study that constructs the whole life of a human being. It covers it all, beginning from their birth to their culmination, the death. The only restriction, not everyone can read it. Only the ones who are well equipped with its knowledge can read it. It is a branch that is completely different from #psychology. It works on universal principles.

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Having the knowledge of reading it can be of great benefit. One of those benefits is that you can know in-depth about the people you are meeting. Not everyone who smiles on your face is your friend. They might have something else in their brain for you. They might be anywhere at your home, in your friend circle or in your office.

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Astrology can protect you from such cunning brains. Moon plays a crucial role in determining the personality traits of a person. State of mind is majorly governed by the placement of the moon in the zodiac signs in a natal birth chart.

Our brain is divided into five main parts. Each of the parts is ruled by a fixed house.

  • Unconscious Mind ruled by the 6th house
  • Super- Conscious Mind ruled by the 9th house
  • Subconscious Mind ruled by the 8th house
  • Alert Mind ruled by the 3rd house
  • Conscious Mind ruled by the 1st house

Lower mind is the negative section of the superconscious mind.

Good thinking qualities can be seen in a native of an alert and creative mind. Super-conscious is the one who tops these all. They are someone having a divine side and detachment from every materialistic asset. They are very likely to turn into a sage. A #Subconscious Mind is blessed with high intuitive powers in both sleeping and awakening conditions. While in an awake situation, the working of the sub-conscious mind is controlled by the conscious mind. A Conscious Mind is the one which knows how to deal with egoistics. Persons with criminal brains are the ones who own a lower mind.

The above deductions are generalized facts. Further results can be obtained by acquiring the knowledge of reading birth charts in astrology. Suppose you already know that a person is different on your face and they have something else in their #heart. You can work upon knowing their zodiac signs. Once you know it, you can check ‘daily horoscope today’ section anywhere. This will alert you regarding the possible activities that might hamper you. Know that a person’s behavior depends on the planets that rule him/her. It is not completely their fault,  the celestial bodies have a major role to play in influencing one’s life.

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