Are you the Luckiest Zodiac Sign for this Valentine’s Day?

With the season of love around the corner, there is nothing that lovers would want to miss to make it a perfect day. During Valentines, people look forward to having quality time with their partners and create memories that can be cherished to the lifetime.

The good news is that even the stars are conspiring to add an extra quotient of love in the air.

As per free horoscope online, the symbol of #love and money Venus is falling in Pisces starting February 10, and with the Sun being in #Aquarius the planetary movement is making the V-Day favorable for all Zodiac signs this year.

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However, as per today’s love horoscope and Horoscopelogy, there is three Zodiac sign which will feel more loved than rest of the other Zodiac signs.

14th February will shower a vessel of selfless love on Aquarius, Leo, and Pisces and will bring unconditional love for people close to your heart.



Aquarians will be seen spreading the love all over. The love energy of Venus, activated by #Pisces will make it a perfect day for you and will help you showcase your best qualities.

According to daily love horoscope online, you will enjoy a magnetic power of love and will find your right partner. The Valentine’s day is giving you an opportunity to find your perfect partner.

Additionally, with a partial solar eclipse falling in Aquarius on 15th, you will enjoy its influence on the day before and day following Valentines.



With the symbol of love Venus falling in Pisces from 10th February, Pisces will enjoy an additional dose of love this year. The position of the start will help you to nurture and activate the love energy supported by Venus. Known for their never-ending love-pursuits, this Valentines is going to be nothing less than a romantic day for you.

As per daily horoscope free online, your energy will be contagious and will bring love and romance in the life of your near and dear ones.



The next lucky sign this year is #Leo. A special thanks to the blue blood moon that favored this sign on January 31. Leo’s will be seen spreading love and warmth and will have a clear plan for it. Unlike the usual Leo traits, your egoistic characteristics will take a back seat giving your loving instinct an extra push.

Irrespective of your Zodiac sign, make the best use of this Valentine’s day and spread friendly love, romantic love, self-love and love for life. The feeling of love matter in the end and do your best to embrace this feeling. Be happy and spread happiness.

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