Astrology Combinations For a Successful Business

From renowned capitalists like J.P. Morgan to entertainment tycoon Walt Disney, Astrology has served as the most reliable source of stellar guidance to plenty of successful business owners from around the world. That’s why people to seek Astrology every time they need advice. Astrology weighs the areas in a birth chart that indicate successful business prospects and critically examines the perfect planetary combinations conducive to financial growth and professional accomplishment.

So here’s a quick snapshot of all the important planetary combinations with relevant houses and retrogrades that hold significant importance in Astrology pertaining to successful businesses.  

Let’s begin by learning about the planets that are crucial for business success.

  • Moon the unsung hero is one of the primary influencers on one’s ability to run a successful business. It’s impossible to pursue a professional goal without the strength from the Moon.
  • Sun signifies authority, council, and management. Three pillars of a successful business.
  • Jupiter and Mercury are the significators of business, intelligence, and finance.

Now let’s take a look at the Astrological combination of planets for a successful business.

  • A cluster of planets in and around the 10th house strengthen your chances to excel in your career. Subsequently boosting your self-confidence, business acumen, and providing you a logical perspective. Planets close to this region must not have any connection with the planet lords of house number 6 and 8. If these conditions are met then rest assured of a hugely successful business.
  • 7th house in a birth chart has a significant importance in terms of business and career. “Presence of Mercury along with Moon and Sun in this house indicates tremendous wealth and prosperity“. Combination of the same three planets in the second house has an equal impact on one’s business.
  • House number 3 signifies creativity and hard work. When there is a prominent connection between the 10th lord, the 3rd house and the planet Mars, the ascendant is supposed to have a strong inclination towards self-employment which is a crucial condition for a successful business.
  • Combination of house lords 3rd, 9th, and 10th, represents wealth. Since business is all about accumulating money and assets, this union is a must-have entity in a birth chart to ensure success in matters related to business.
  • Planet Saturn in house number 3 represents wise decision-making. Something that you would need just all the time to run a successful business.
  • The ascending lord in the houses numbered in multiples of 3 like 6, 9, and 12 is a fruitful condition when it comes to success in business.
  • A connection between the house lord of 11th and 10th with the planet present in the second house indicates profit. Since business is all about making a profit you can achieve tremendous success in your professional endeavors if you have this particular Astrological union present in your birth chart.

There are a few other criteria that determine business success, but the ones mentioned above have the most significant impact.   

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